Baniwa Pepper 15g


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Consisting of a blend of over a dozen varieties of capsicum peppers that have been organically grown by the Baniwa indigenous community, Pimenta Baniwa chili powder is perfect for adding smoky heat to dishes. This Amazonian spice mix is 100% sustainably sourced.


Jars contain 15 grams (0.53 oz) of chili powder made from over a dozen capsicum peppers and a touch of Maras Salt from the Sacred Valley of Peru.

  • Origin: Brazil

  • Size: 15g

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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Pimenta Baniwa is a blend of over a dozen varieties of capsicum peppers that the Baniwa women cultivate using traditional, organic, and sustainable methods in the Amazon. The pepper gained popularity in the culinary circle when world renowned Brazilian chef, named it as one of his secret ingredients.

The Baniwa are indigenous natives of the Amazon Rainforest in the border region of Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela, a remote part of the Amazon and Orinoco River Basins. All production from cultivation through processing and packaging is handled by Baniwa women, who thereby retain a large percentage of the retail price of the product. There is not yet information on where it would sit on the Scoville scale, but this chili powder has legitimately real heat and smokiness!